Resume & Bio


How do you put a whole life into a little bio? After escaping from Los Angeles heat and noise, Ziggy Rendler-Bregman has spent the last 53 years living, working, and raising a family in Santa Cruz, California. In addition to her studio work, Ziggy founded or co-founded a plethora of long-lived institutions, including: a coffee house at UCSC, Stone Soup Magazine, The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, and Tent of Abraham. She led the effort to pass to restore music and arts education in Santa Cruz City schools. She claims this makes her sort of ordinary. Her work has been exhibited and collected across the country, including the Oakland Museum, Palo Alto Arts Center, Yosemite Renaissance, with collectors in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and beyond. This is her second collection of poetry and art.  -Erin Bregman