Audio Recordings

Best audio experience is by using headphones. Enjoy!

My Father’s Avocado Tree (pg. 49)
Valentin Silvestrov’s “1st Bagatelle”: Ivan Rosenblum, piano Robert Mahoney Recording Studio
What You Did Not Sow (pg. 5)
“Allemande” from Bach Lute Suite in E Minor : Micah Bregman, guitar
My Sea-Salt Voice (pg. 59)
Deby Grosjean’s “Grey Whales in the Monterey Bay”: Joanne Tanner, fiddle; Michael Fisher, guitar; Jesse Bregman, banjo; Barbara Spencer, bass
Into The Thicket (pg. 9)
Traditional Irish Tune, “Her Mantle So Green” : Sarojani Rohan, Irish Whistle
Come Down, Lie Down Here (pg. 33)
Erin Bregman’s “Sketch #3”: Erin Bregman, guitar
I Hear It While The Sun Hangs Low (pg.13)
Cyprian Consiglio’s “Attend” from ec*stasis: Cyprian Consiglio, guitar